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About Women


Who Lead & Help Other Women Lead Too

Hey Hey!

I’m Mia Bolden and I provide retreat experiences and coaching services for women who are exploring transitions in their professional lives. Through a highly interactive, peer to peer learning space, supported by individual coaching sessions,
workshops and virtual group sessions, I provide space to reflect, learn and discover the next step in your professional journey.

I've helped dozens of women plan, promote, and lead their dream retreats.

Over the years of planning retreats, I have developed a framework for designing successful sold-out retreats.

I love retreats because they can help you create more impact, grow your revenue, and build a loyal community!

So if you want to sell your retreats like pro with my proven ways, this space is for you!

I will personally guide you through my proven framework and teach you how to plan transformational
and profitable retreats that truly make an impact on your students’ lives.


Why do I do this?

I love creating transformational experiences that expand our access to Wisdom... attune us to our truth... conjure up the courage to stay true to ourselves... amplify our fierce feminine presence... & strengthen us from the inside out giving us the power, vitality, compassion & wisdom to make shifts happen & stay focused on what matters most.


Who’s it for?​​

My coaching and retreats are for women who are choosing to do it differently AND who need & desire community with others who are also consciously creating this way... changing the face and way our systems and society works. My support system is designed to be a structure that supports a sense of sisterhood and stretches women from diverse work and career experiences to re-imagine and re-design a more sustainable way to work, design their lives, and lead within the systems they influence... giving you space outside of the day to day with other conscious pioneering women to tap into a deeper wisdom to create the new.

Facilitated by Mia Bolden, a Women's Empowerment
Business Coach, Motivational Speaker and inventor of Passion
To Profits Retreat Leader Program, you will be immersed into
a journey of self-discovery and generative action planning for
how you can lead and live a more PURPOSE centered life.

What Women Say

Elegant Female

“Mia has the strength, insight and skills to help many other women
shed what has been holding them back -- so they can shine as the

beautiful women they were created to be.”

Retreat and Programs

Retreat and Programs



Next Level Service


Mia Bolden provides retreat experiences and coaching services for women who are exploring transitions in their professional lives.

Retreats grant women permission to prioritize theirneeds—promising that a greater sense of personalfulfillment will follow.

A retreat helps you unplug and escape day-to-day demands, but it can also broaden your horizons.

My retreats and coaching programs center for women's empowerment and personal growth, offers several
educational workshops led by experts from all over the world. You can explore an interest, passion or curiosity with one of our classes — and still have plenty of time for zip-lining in the jungle!

Create Lasting Happiness with My Signature
Retreat Programs

In today’s racing world, the mind has a tendency to get stuck
either in the past or the future. But happiness is here and now. You miss the present moment when you are distracted, regretting yesterday or worried about tomorrow. During my signature Retreat Programs, you will find out how to access the present moment and tap into your inner power and freedom—not just as a concept, but as a direct experience.


★ Learn to manage and reduce stress
★ Greater sense of happiness and enthusiasm
★ Experience relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety,
and Seasonal Affective Disorder
★ Discover Your Passion & Purpose
★ Take Time For YOU-Self Care
★ Less social anxiety
★ More ease in interpersonal relations
★ Build Lasting Sisterhood

Who are these retreats for?

My Signature Retreats have something for every kind of
woman out there, whether you’ve never traveled before or
you're a world traveler. I will show you how to make sure

you're on your right purpose in life while having fun and
building a sisterhood all at the same time!

You’ll master valuable tools and practices that bring more
resiliency, better communication, and more ease into your
life, as well as receive the support you need to continue your
journey—access to our meditation app, monthly
reconnection live-streams, and membership to our exclusive
Facebook group.

Yes, There’s A lot in All Our Retreats Round the Year.
Passion To Profits Program
Passion To Profits Program

My Passion To Profits Retreat is a 90 Days Program where you will get (6) 1 on 1 Private Sessions with me as well as ongoing support and it also includes a Retreat Leaders 4 Day Retreat with me in Pensacola FL.


✅Get clear on how to make your retreat stand out from
the crowd and attract the right retreat clients.
✅Have a step-by-step plan to sell 90% of your Retreats.
✅Confidently promote and fill your retreat months in

✅Reach and exceed your revenue goals with my proven
budgeting and pricing strategy.
✅Grow a retreat community full of raving fans!

Who Is This Program For?

❖If you are a coach or service provider who has been
in practice, teaching, or seeing clients for at least 1

❖Need guidance on the step-by-step process to plan
and promote a retreat, and you don’t want the
cookie-cutter program but a strategy that can be
adapted to your unique business.

❖Are excited about leading retreats to help your
clients and students dive deeper into your topic or
teaching niche.

❖Want to grow your coaching business and build a
strong and loyal community.

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Are you ready for life to get really, really GOOD?
Connect with Me

Connect with Me


What I Long For

Real Connection and Conscious Relating

To live at a deeper and more meaningful level and to connect more authentically with ourselves and others.

Peace of Mind

To feel relaxed within ourselves, and take actions and decisions that
support our well-being.

Authentic Love

To experience love, in all its gifts and challenges, and feel a sense of

My retreat will help you to

Develop the ability to make deep, authentic contact with yourself and others; find the
courage to stand up, be honest, and discover what is stopping you from being real; address,
genuinely feel, and work through pain from past and current; and reduce the dominance of
the mind, and find what it is to be still and present...having a direct, positive effect on your
state of well-being, confidence, and interpersonal relationships.

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