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Meet Me


About Women's Empowerment Retreats

I’m Mia Bolden and I provide retreat experiences and coaching services for women who are exploring transitions in their professional lives. Through a highly interactive, peer to peer learning space, supported by individual coaching sessions,
workshops and virtual group sessions, I provide space to reflect, learn and discover the next step in your professional journey.

I've helped dozens of women plan, promote, and lead their dream retreats.

Over the years of planning retreats, I have developed a framework for designing successful sold-out retreats.

I love retreats because they can help you create more impact, grow your revenue, and build a loyal community!

So if you want to sell your retreats like pro with my proven ways, this space is for you!

I will personally guide you through my proven framework and teach you how to plan transformational
and profitable retreats that truly make an impact on your students’ lives.

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